Your Online Past Does Not Equal Your Online Future

“If you are committed, then there is ALWAYS a way…”

Your past does not equal your future

Your past does not equal your future

I was coaching one of my students on Skype the other night and we were talking about what he needs to do to move forward.  But, every so often he would just say stuff like “but before I kept failing at…” or “one of the reasons I kept failing before was…”.

I didn’t want to disregard what he was saying, but it got to a point when I realised if doesn’t let go of his past ‘failings’ then we are never going to get anywhere!

It reminded me of my first attempts to ‘make money online’.  Quite frankly…I sucked!

I tried and failed a lot and felt frustrated all the time, sound familiar?  What I would do well though, is quickly learn my lesson and move on.  After time I realised what I really needed to do and who I really needed to become in order to build the kind of online business I always knew I could do, so inevitably I did find a way.

There are a lot of people, maybe even yourself, who have tried hard and failed hard in building a full time income from home using the gift of the Internet.  There are a lot that it has got the better of and have quit.  There are a lot that are still trying now and still feeling frustrated.  But, there are also those who were committed enough to find a way that works…

…in fact I have met a lot of these people, more than ever before, since being part of the SFM Community.  I’m not talking about ‘Superstar Gurus’ either.  I’m talking regular people, just like me, who have built themselves (finally!) a full time income from home using the Internet!

My path kind of went like this (and many others have too):

  • Discovered that ‘making money online’ actually existed!
  • Was very sceptical and did nothing but watch closely from the outside
  • Took the plunge
  • Failed
  • Tried some more
  • Failed some more
  • Got a Coach
  • Discovered what actually needed to happen (ie train to become a proper Marketer and online Businessman)
  • Built a real, sustainable, legitimate online business.
  • Gave myself a pat on the back :)
  • Proceeded to help others do the same because I knew how dam frustrating it could be!
  • Also started to help local businesses where I live (Gloucestershire) build their businesses online too.

As you can see, everything changed when I got a Coach and discovered what really needed to be done to succeed.


I only got to that point because I wanted it so badly.  I found a way because I was committed enough, and if you haven’t found your way yet then believe me when I say YOU WILL!

If you have failed before, great!  Then that means you have gained some very valuable knowledge.  Move on, keep trying, get a Coach, find a training system, try as many times as it takes to succeed THEN….maybe help someone else to do the same, just to be nice :)

If you can relate to this post then feel free to leave me a comment below, or get in touch with me here.

All the best,


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  1. Lilach Bullock
    4 years ago

    Great post Carl:) Wise words… don’t look back (apart from to learn from them)

    We always make mistakes in business… and just because we have failed before doesn’t mean we will again.

    Similarly where we have had successes before doesn’t mean it will happen again in the same way either… things change too.

    Always look forwards, be focused and work hard:)

    • carlash1
      4 years ago

      thanks for that input Lilach…wise words :)


  2. lewys davies
    4 years ago

    Great post

    many have failed and have given up but everyon e make mistakes in business but that is the way it is you need to get up and move forward never give up and you will see results

    i have failed and made mistakes in business yeah it hurts at first but you learn from it and move onwards an upwards.

    great post and keep the great work up

    • carlash1
      4 years ago

      hey Lewys!

      great comment…and yeah failure hurts, but that pain is a great motivator to still succeed.